MG52 Royal

The 24-karat-gold-plated crown makes MG52 Royal the absolute king of luxury.
Its glamorous look and integral performance transforms any grill party into a royal festivity.
MG52 Royal is a gas and charcoal combo grill for all meat types and sizes.
MG52 Royal is a perfect solution that combines the gas even cooking and the charcoal authentic taste.
It is equipped with a control mechanism that regulates the chimney height and that of the skewers; this allows the user to both control the heat and easily clean the grill.
MG52 Royal is equipped with extendable shelves for kitchen utensils and food preparation, in addition to an empty built in space where the gas cylinder can be stored.
Embedded with an internal light, MG52 Royal creates a magical ambience in your events and Barbecue gatherings.


Gas/charcoal combo grill for all meat types and sizes


4 wheels (2 of which with brakes)


1. Ash drawer
2. Barbecue supply drawer
3. Coal drawer
4. Space to store the gas cylinder in


1. 17  stainless steel 304 rotary skewers for chopped meat grilling
2. Stainless steel 304 rotary skewer for whole animal grilling
3. Shelves for food preparation and kitchen utensils
4. Extendable shelves on the sides
5. Inner Light
6. Four prong stainless steel fork QTY 2
7. Four prong stainless steel chicken fork QTY 2

Control Panel

1. Chimney height regulating buttons
2. Skewers height regulating buttons
3. Gas Valve
4. Skewers rotation control switch
5. Whole animal skewer rotation control switch
6. Main power switch


A permanent pilot light to ensure the extinguishing of gas after each use

Power Supply

220 V / 50~60Hz