A perfect choice for restaurants and hotels, MGR 100 grills large quantities of medium-sized meat (an average of 5.5 kg/6 min).

MGR 100 is characterized by an independent coal-burning container as well as an electric fan that evenly distributes air over the burning coal.

While traditional grilling methods shrink a 100 kg of meat to 85 kg, MGR 100 allows less than a 10% loss of meat weight, thus preserving its delicious taste.


Restaurants and hotels grill


1. 27 stainless steel (304) rotary skewers for chopped meat grilling.
2. Stainless steel 304 basin
3. Heat resistant Handles made of Bakelite
4. Container for charcoal ignition , plated with a layer of heat resistant porcelain
5. Electrical fan which evenly distributes air on the burning coal.
6. Ability to roatate the skewers upward by 75 degrees for adding charcoal easily

Control Panel

1. ON/OFF switch to control the skewers rotation
2. ON/OFF switch to control the electrical fan

Power Supply

220 V / 50~60Hz