Ninar Grills are especially designed in such a way as to combine aesthetics with practicality and guarantee that your barbecue gathering would look and taste absolutely fantastic!

A real beauty, Ninar grill is coated with manually carved copper and equipped with drawers and wheels for ease of storage and mobility.

NINAR’s rotary spits turn rhythmically thus reducing the fat dripping off the food and onto the coal, which in turn reduces the smoke emitted throughout the grilling process and preserves the food’s nutritional values.

Choosing the right cooking temperature is key to successful grilling of the food. NINAR’s heat control system keeps the meat from burning and helps it retain its juices as much as possible, thereby reducing its shrinkage.

Moreover, the gas system is carefully designed to make the coal ignite and burn completely and evenly, which reduces coal consumption.

With NINAR, food preparation is healthy, delicious, fun and fast!