MGR112 is the best choice for grilling two different whole animals at the same time without mixing their spices. It is made of stainless steel suitable grades and equipped with a basin that can be moved horizontally to control the heat.

MGR112is available with an oven that is heated by the coal burning in the basin and in which all types of vegetables and meats can be cooked.


Professional grill for two whole animal grilling


1.      4 wheels (2 of which with brakes )
2.      The possibility of separating the basin from the grill for the ease of mobility


1.      2 stainless steel (304) rotary skewers for whole animal grilling
2.      Basin that can be moved horizontally to control the heat
3.      2 trays to facilitate the cutting and fat loss process
4.      Stainless steel four prong fork QTY4

Control panel

Two ON/OFF switches to control each skewer rotation separately

Power supply

220 V / 50~60 Hz