MGR 140 Series

This series is from the best practical grills that can cook all types of meat with a large quantity (whole animal – chopped meat – chicken – steak, etc…..)
Heat is controlled due to the ability to move the basin horizontally.

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Multi-task Professional grill

Mobility 1. 4 wheels (2 of which with brakes)
2. The possibility of separating the basin from the grill for ease of mobility

Usage 1. 17 stainless steel (304) rotary skewers for chopped meat grilling
2. 2 stainless steel (304) grids, for grilling vegetable & steaks.
3. 2 stainless steel (304) rotary skewers for whole animal grilling.
4. Basin that can be moved horizontally to control the temperature
5. An oven that takes its temperature from the burning coal in the basin to prepare the whole animal.
6. One tray to facilitate the cutting and fat loss process
7. Turbine to vacuum the smoke and direct it to the desired duct
8. Four-prong stainless steel fork QTY 2 with each whole animal skewer

Control Panel 1. ON/OFF switch to control the 17 skewers rotation
2. ON/OFF switch to control the upper big skewer rotation
3. ON/OFF switch for the turbine
4. ON/OFF switch to control the lower big skewer rotation

Power Supply 220 V / 50-60Hz