MG26 is an upgrade version of MG25.
We have developed this model to provide extra control of the grilled meat and to provide extra options by adding stainless steel grids on both sides coupled with two stainless steel covers that can be used as an oven in order to grill the meat faster with less coal consumption.
MG26 Can also be a perfect fit for small restaurants.
Additional shelves can be added on both sides.


Professional Grill for homes and restaurants


4 wheels (2 of which with brakes )


1.      15 Stainless steel (304) rotary skewers.
2.      Oven that derives its temperature from the burning coal in the basin to cook all types of vegetables and meats.
3.      Two stainless steel grids that covers the whole grill.
4.      Two top coverings with two thermometers.
5.      Cabinet to store the needed accessories and coal.

Control panel

ON/OFF switch to control the skewers rotation.

Power supply

220 V / 50~60 Hz